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More satisfied customers thanks to chat function

Immediate, automated and customised responses for your customers. Increase the efficiency of customer support and increase the engagement of your visitors.


​Chat. Bot. AI.

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Answer customer enquiries online via mobile app using your mobile phone.

Communicate with your customers on the move

Convert your visitors into leads by starting a chat with them.

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Websites with chat function get more engagement from your website visitors

More commitment

Answer the frequently asked questions automatically through chat


Advantages of chatbot integration

  • We have found that the integration of a live chat application can lead to an increase in bookings and sales. This is due to the fact that consumers today also place more and more value on commitment and personal contact in the business world. Of course, it also helps if payment requests can be sent via live chat to close the deal faster and more successfully. This makes web chats an important part of an effective website layout.

    62% fewer abandoned goods for e-commerce shops in the textiles sector

  • Nowadays, nothing is more important for the success of your business than the relationship you cultivate with your customers. The better you manage to establish personal contact via your website, the more successful you will be in your sales figures. Constant availability is an excellent means of gaining and consolidating customer trust.

  • Of course, your customers' satisfaction is also influenced by how quickly you respond to their enquiries. One reason why live chat is so popular with website visitors is that they have immediate access to a support agent who can answer questions about the product or help with technical problems.

  • Without having to take any action yourself, you can use automation to answer the most frequently asked questions and respond to customers in real time. We have noticed that our users who have installed these automations have been able to significantly increase traffic to their website.

  • If you also want to capture leads, build relationships and generate more sales, a live chat is definitely an important step in the right direction to help the business grow and thrive.

  • The chat is also a good opportunity to make a customised offer and draw attention to similar products, such as "You might also like this" - exactly what good salespeople do. With this strategy, you can achieve up to 71% more sales.

  • The ability to contact you directly via chat is particularly helpful when it comes to offering customer service and technical support. The advantage is that customers are less reluctant to contact you than if they write to you via your contact page.


Chat function or AI chatbot for your website

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