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Your personalised AI chatbot

Run your own AI for your company on your servers! Keep your data at home!


What is data-backed AI?

We provide you a custom-developed app that allows you to personalise a powerful GPT language model (LLM) with your own content, such as documents, notes, images or other data. Thanks to the use of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), TensorRT or Tensorflow, you can use a customised chatbot that quickly provides you with contextual answers. Since everything runs locally on your Windows RTX PC, workstation or in the cloud, you get fast and reliable results.

Chat with your own files

Our model supports various file formats, including txt, pdf, doc/docx, jpg, png, gif and xml. Simply point to the folder containing your files and the application will load them into the library in seconds.

Speech recognition

Our application has an automatic speech recognition system (on demand) that uses AI to process spoken language and provide text responses with support for multiple languages. Just click on the microphone icon and speak to your data!

Image search

Search your photo albums with a simple text or voice search to keep everything private and effortless.

Open source data models

Trust in further development and transparency. Our team uses open source models!

Locally or globally on your own servers

Host the model locally on your PC or globally on the cloud of your choice! High compatibility is guaranteed!

Customised front end

Our team uses open source Gradio to optimise the chat experience.

Get in touch with us

Contact our team to find out more or request a free quote!

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