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More data

Customers who set up an account on your website are given much more control over their transactions. Many of the business solutions include membership pages that allow customers to track and view the information stored about them (e.g. their address, payment method details, etc.).

More commitment

Whether you have a website for your business or for other purposes, the members area can help you create a community. It can also be an online space for existing communities such as educational organisations, groups on a specific topic or any other type of group.


You are not limited to the pages that you publish by default in your member area - create exclusive pages for your members with content that is only accessible to the members of your website. You can make these pages accessible to all members or restrict them to certain members (certain member roles or paying members).

More sales

Member area for your website

A members area is the ideal tool to engage your visitors because it creates a community around your website. People who sign up to your members area get their own account where they can see all their information and get to know other members.

Combine membership with other tools such as receiving payments, booking appointments, viewing your own orders, writing blogs or even chatting with each other. Utilise the potential of data by turning your website visitors into members.

Combination with other tools

As the administrator, you have sufficient control over the members, but the privacy of the members always takes priority. So you don't have to worry about whether your website complies with data protection regulations in Switzerland.

Management of your members

More member engagement means more revenue for your website or business. Our CMSs have the best tools to increase engagement.

Higher commitment - higher sales


Would you like to integrate a member area into your website? Contact our experts and we will suggest the best and most cost-effective solution according to your requirements.

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