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ReviewReply AI automatically replies to your online comments with integrated ChatGPT.

​ReviewReply AI

Revolutionise your online customer service

All ReviewReply responses are customised, personalised, professional and with a positive sentiment.
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Have your online comments replied to automatically

Automatically responding to online comments through technologies such as ChatGPT brings a variety of benefits that can help organisations strengthen their online presence, increase customer satisfaction and make internal processes more efficient. Here are some of the key benefits:

Our platform monitors Google reviews around the clock, ensuring that no guest feedback goes unnoticed. Within moments of receiving a new review, SmartReview AI creates and publishes a thoughtful, personalised response that highlights your hotel's commitment to guest satisfaction.

Immediate commitment

ReviewReply AI harnesses the power of ChatGPT and analyses the sentiment and content of each review to create responses that are tailored to your guests' experience. Whether you're thanking a guest for an excellent review or addressing an issue with empathy and a promise to make it better, SmartReview AI does it all with flair.

Customised answers

Automate the labour-intensive task of review management so your staff can focus on what they do best - delivering an exceptional guest experience. The efficiency of SmartReview AI not only saves time, but also strengthens your brand reputation through consistent, timely interactions.

Save time and resources

With SmartReview AI's analytics dashboard, you can get more than just automated responses. Track response times, trends in guest sentiment and much more to gain valuable insights that can help you improve your hotel's operations and service.

Insightful analyses

The implementation of SmartReview AI is seamless. Our platform integrates directly into your hotel's existing software ecosystem, making setup a breeze and ensuring you're up and running in no time.

Simple integration

Localisation and adaptation of ChatGPT in various languages for international markets.

Language customisation

Artificial Intelligence

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